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VR Experience

Virtual reality, just for playing?

When we talk about virtual reality (VR) we immediately think of the millennials who use them for videogame purposes.

We believe that there is incredible potential for companies, we ourselves use virtual reality on a daily basis for meetings and presentations.

Who is virtual reality aimed at?

To design or architecture studios , where it is possible for the client to live the experience of walking in the commissioned building and observing spaces, volumes and lights.

To engineers and designers , who can show 3D CAD models to their customers .

To art galleries or shops , who wish to show the samples to people far away.

And of course for meetings and events , where it is possible to have virtual whiteboards and presentations.

All this was impossible without a long preparation process until a few years ago, now thanks to the standalone technology, we can supply headsets that do not require power or connection to a PC.

Contact us today to discover virtual reality !

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